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Athlete Spotlight – Lindsey A.

Early to class and last to leave, Lindsey has been a steady fixture at our box since she joined last summer. I should have known when the girl came to her on ramp class with her Muay Thai shorts on that she meant business. It’s awesome to see in just a few months the stages

October 19, 2016

I want to show this video for two reasons. First reason is to showcase the improvement in positional awareness of his snatch. Joel Caparas is known for having certain mobility issues from time to time which restricts certain movements. But here in the first hang power snatch (second one not so much ), he is able to

September 6, 2016

Russell has been with us for over three years and came to us with a similar story like yours. Worked a stressful job, he drank, ate poorly, smoked socially and neglected his health. Aside from the occasional pick up game of basketball this was the most active he was, continuing on a degenerative lifestyle and

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