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Athlete Spotlight – Lindsey A.

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Early to class and last to leave, Lindsey has been a steady fixture at our box since she joined last summer. I should have known when the girl came to her on ramp class with her Muay Thai shorts on that she meant business. It’s awesome to see in just a few months the stages of her development and progress. Committing fully to the program on all aspects from specialty classes to extra days doing track work, she has grabbed the bull by the horns and wrangled him down to the floor. She’s humble and driven with an impressive talent for picking up new and complicated movements quickly (the girl can already do handstand push-ups!). Watch her in a WOD and you’ll see that her mental game is as tough as her physical strength. 

A tenacious way about her and a solid work ethic only to be matched with her positive attitude, she personifies the CrossFit spirit of always doing better than yesterday.

JannaFerraroAthlete Spotlight – Lindsey A.