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Julie Nakamoto

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“When I first met Julie in the back of Amy’s garage during her on ramp class a year ago she had asked me if she could be competitive in the sport of CrossFit and my answer to her was yes.
As a registered nurse her schedule is sporadic and sleep deprivation is common. Julie always had to juggle this with her training but showed up when she could. In the past few months she has locked down a regular schedule and have been going H.A.M in all her efforts in the gym. Strength numbers going through the roof matching some of the men’s efforts in the gym. In addition she has been doing 2-3 Metcons a day (against my better judgement) to work on her conditioning, it is painfully obvious she has a work ethic to match to the tenacity in her training.
Unfortunately she has a surgery coming up which will postpone her training for a bit but you can bet to see her tearing up the competition in 2014.” -Coach Ace

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