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October 19, 2016

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I want to show this video for two reasons.

First reason is to showcase the improvement in positional awareness of his snatch. Joel Caparas is known for having certain mobility issues from time to time which restricts certain movements. But here in the first hang power snatch (second one not so much 😉), he is able to position the bar high in his hip crease allowing him to drive the bar more efficiently with his legs and hips. Typically, like most of us in the gym we catapult the weight upward using our backs which is less efficient.

The second reason is to bring to light, the level of intensity he has brought into his training. Known for coming late and running on Filipino time. He now has turned over a new leaf and is early to class spending extra time on his mobility. He has now bumped up his attendance and brings nothing but great energy to whichever class he attends. Motivated and encouraging, this is someone you’ll want next to you training by your side, whether it be for a good laugh or that extra push… he is your man! Did I mention he drives more than 30 minutes just to train here with us, talk about not having any excuses. It’s a pleasure having you here, your energy is inspiring, After nearly after 4 years of loyalty I’m excited to see you still progressing. Here’s to many more years of improvement.

2016-10-19 from Ace on Vimeo.

JannaFerraroOctober 19, 2016

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