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MIGHTY Give Back Benefit

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MIGHTY Give Back Benefit

It is our turn to give back to our beautiful San Diego community. Join Mighty Crossfit every Saturday, starting December 12 at 8am for a friendly charity WOD competition! Buy in is a donation of clothes, housewares, kitchen-wares, etc. all of which will be donated to Father Joe’s Villages ( a local nonprofit that helps the homeless in our community. “Father Joe’s Villages has been guided by a simple but powerful mission: to provide hope for those who are hopeless and to show the way home to those who have none.” Let us not forget the most vulnerable in our community (or our Crossfit regimes) this holiday season. This is a great opportunity to do some winter cleaning and de-clutter your house (and your life) for the benefit of someone else. Please be generous! Our goal is to deliver a healthy donation of goods on behalf of our Mighty Crossfit Community!

PRIZES: At the end of the month, the highest cumulative participation and scores on the Saturday WODs will receive either a 5 month personal training package at Mighty or a gift certificate for Lean Machine SD. Merry Christmas!

The competition is open to all. Arrive a little early with your donations each week so you can sign in and warm up. Get ready to sweat all over the holidays!

JannaFerraroMIGHTY Give Back Benefit

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