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Pacific Coast Aloha Games

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Let the summer games begin! Mighty Crossfit has informally entered our box into a local online competition with some our sister boxes in HI and northern CA. Don’t you worry because it’s not as scary as the “open” but is more inclusive to our population. There will be scaled divisions along with some prizes. Festivities will begin on 6/22 and finish on 6/26. Look up Pacific Coast Aloha Games on FB. Here are the standards:

Standards to Compete in RX Division
Athlete should be able to do the following. If not, please have them do the Scaled workouts.

  • Strict HSPU
  • Rep Deadlifts at 275/195
  • Clean & Jerk 185/125
  • Squat Snatch 155/105 consistently
  • Pistols
  • Double Unders

Scoring System for Gyms

For each event, we wanted to take each gym’s top 5 athletes and average their performance. Then rank each gym how they did for that event. Scoring will work as the following for each event:
1st – 10 pts
2nd – 8 pts
3rd – 6 pts
4th – 4 pts

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