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September 24, 2016 – SCHEDULE REMINDER

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Schedule reminder:

Friday’s 6:00-7:30 will be “Barbell Proficiency” (Weightlifting) class; Formerly the 4-5:30 on Thursday’s; for those who are unclear what that class is, it regards all the major Olympic Lifts like the Snatch, Clean and Jerk. For those that are unclear we will be working on skills and drills as well as percentage based lifting and will continue in 4-8 week cycles. The cycles will consist of a low to high increase in intensity with de-load phases. In simpler terms.  we will ramp up to some heavy weights throughout the cycle and then fade off to a lighter one so that our bodies can make adaptations without over training. The percentages of the “lifts” will be based off a current “1 rep max” (a maximal effort for one rep) so as to have a reference point when you see something like this programmed on the whiteboard.


C&J 2@80%⬅️

1@ 90%⬅️

1@95% ⬅️

SN 2@75% ⬅️

2@80% ⬅️


So if you are looking to be proficient in these lifts; (just get stronger) this is the class to go to. It’s highly recommended that you have CrossFitted for a minimum of 4 months before coming to to this class.

All that said; we will be starting a new cycle October 7th.  So that means;  Sept 30 will be a max effort day so we can get our current numbers. This will be followed by a potluck and beers at Bay City afterwards (hopefully to celebrate our pr’s); So spread the word Sept 30 from 6-8pm will by Beers and Barbells. See you guys there!

JannaFerraroSeptember 24, 2016 – SCHEDULE REMINDER

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