Why Crossfit


We did not grow to 10,000 affiliates in 5 years because we are a new fitness ‘trend’. We grew organically from the success of the individuals who participated in our program. Bottom line, Crossfit gets results. We did not re-invent the wheel, we just make fitness fun and efficient again.


Part of a successful program includes risk. The public does not mention injuries sustained in other sports because: (a) It is part of the game and its competitive aura, AND (b) It is known that even trained athletes pushing themselves to new heights and limits are more subject to injury than someone with a sedentary lifestyle.
Crossfit trainers take further precautions than most other formal workouts do by using dynamic warmups and other techniques to ensure good form and a readiness to load before ever throwing a participant into a workout they were not prepared for.


To scale is to modify the dose response of a workout to a level that is within the means of an individual. There is no set amount of scaling that happens, a modification for a workout can be as little a decrease as 5 lbs or as much as walking instead of jogging or running. The key is that the workout achieves the desired response for the session. Our main concern is to have the client perform optimally and injury free for years to come.

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