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April 14, 2017

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I find myself wasting a lot more time than usual these days, not to that of my own admission but to verify some of these outlandish posts on social media. But before I begin my rant I’d like to clarify a few things first off. I have a Facebook and I have an Instagram. I never really used Facebook until I opened Mighty, and I never used Instagram until Jen told me to because she said it would be good for business. I used it to interact with my clients, mentors, and colleagues whom I admire and can learn from. I post what I feel as a good representation of what you would see if you had an eye on Mighty. I display community, camaraderie, client success stories, and accomplishments. That said, I can’t account for 99% of the content out there. I hear about people eating trash, performing ungodly feats of physical performance, looking like a perfect 10 fitness models while doing it, and then packaging these stories as a “you can too” E-book and program ready for purchase.

If not, it’s a perfectly calculated, rehearsed, fable in hopes of distorting the untrained eye or the temporarily blinded onlooker just looking get some inspiration to help navigate them through their journey.

Then I get the occasional “did you see so and so do so and so?” Or “I wanna look like that, we are about the same body type and he does this, make me look like him.” WTF? I don’t blame them, I blame us for painting elementary school pictures with Basquiat aspirations and Daily News content. 

As a person of influence or aspiring to be one, is it possible to ask for a sense of culpability and in the content we put out there. Let’s be responsible.

for our perception of what we do as Crossfitters and not be looked at as the clowns of the fitness industry, and as a bystander can we probe the interwebs wit a sensible head and know that in this day and age their more than meets the eye. 

-Your humble servant in health and fitness

JannaFerraroApril 14, 2017