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April 20, 2016

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If you asked me ten years ago what piece of equipment would I chose to keep me healthy in my elder years, I would have easily chosen the barbell over the kettlebell. But now in the early stages of my forties (older and wiser), I would choose the latter. Don’t get me wrong, there is no rush like the feeling of standing up with more than double your body weight over your head. However, there is no implement that is as flexible in range and that covers such a wide range of movements like the kettle bell.

Here we have Chik and David doing some post rehab on their shoulders by way of Turkish get up, after some thorough poundage during the week.

Key points of performance when doing this movement:

  • keep your eye on the kettlebell at all times
  • the loaded shoulder should be packed down tight and down through your scapula
  • the points of contact on the ground should be distributed evenly to provide a stable base of support
JannaFerraroApril 20, 2016