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September 7, 2016

Warm up Ski erg 500m 20 scap push up 20 scap pull up back burn best swing Empty bar drills 20 press 20 push press focus leg drive 20 jerk balance 20 behind the neck jerk A. Working sets every 90 sec 2PP+SJ for 8 sets B1. 1-5 ladder up unbroken sets of HSPU continuous

August 30, 2016

Early 6:00am zombie farmer march A1. 3×6 press working set A2. Using weight from A1 find heavy triple push press B1. Buy in 200 meter farmer carry (heavy) – no drops B2. 8 min AMRAP 9 DL 155/100 12 Push ups – no hand release 15 Box jump step down

August 20, 2016

Testing 1RM squats. No complaints today.