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August 15, 2016

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I had the pleasure in watching the 10th anniversary of the CrossFit games and it was a bittersweet experience that I was able to witness for the last time. Next year  they will be switching to a larger venue in another city, my assumptions are that we have  exponentially out grown the confines of Carson California. Long gone are days of weekend gathering of Aromas in Dave Castro’s family estate to test the fittest person on earth, but now to the flashing lights of the tennis stadium and heavy media coverage from ESPN.  We are now a full blown professional sport, with sponsorship ranging from Nike, Reebok , and I even saw a Microsoft Windows booth at vendor village this year.

I love and hate where we are now. Love it because it got you out of your couch to be in here to grind with us day in and day out. Hate it because we are so big that we are under a microscope from a bunch of so called experts in the fitness industry that continually attack our methodology but yet do not take time to learn about us.

This is the industry that shunned us from the beginning but yet conforms to our mold. I occasionally drop in to regular gyms and facilities when I travel and more times than often I now see a “functional” weight room with bumper plates or even a “Cross fit” with a EOD. Exercise of the day ( see what they did there?)

More often than not every prospect that walks in says they have tried ” CrossFit” and I’ll ask what did you do?  Well, we swung around some of those(kettle bells) ran,  did a lot of “core” stuff and we kept switching stations, kinda like uh “hiit” training. Inside I’ ve got the biggest smile on my face and not because their interpretation of what CrossFit sounds crazy but the fact they were motivated by something to check Groupon for a “Cross” type class and wanted to do something. As a sport we are growing faster than anything I’ve witnessed. More and more I see more online coaching and programs marketed to getting someone the “Games”.

As a methodology we are battle tested and legitimate. I ll leave with a quote from Caleb Coton-They often say that  Imitation is the best form of flattery.

2016-08-01 from Ace on Vimeo.

JannaFerraroAugust 15, 2016

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