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August 19, 2016 – Rate of Injury

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Rate of Injury

Often a subject that is swept under the table is the rate of injury in strength training.  Yes it is often taboo to speak about and its frequent occurrence in these everyday laboratories we partake in bettering our physical potential, so much because of the constant barrage from the rest of the fitness industry and the misunderstanding of the methodology. It is often said that people fear what they don’t understand. But in our case, we are still in the testing phase and still learning about the long term adaptations our bodies will make in this process.

One thing we can no for sure is to follow the basic principles of weight training to keep a continuous steady stream of progress and longevity.

In the world of constantly varied and functional movements it is very easy especially for beginners (1-2 years) to see rapid changes throughout the body with somewhat of a variance in training protocol. This is due to the lack of “training history” under their belt. So the more frequent the volume the more adaptations will be made to get a better stimulus. In the beginning this is completely fine until your body has come to a certain point (some call it plateauing) and then a more structured program to promote progressional growth and injury prevention is needed.

Herein lies some of the faults in a one size fits all program for health and wellness. Even as a sport such volume and “constant variance” can be argued to be reckless, regardless of the periodized structure it may have. This is why the training age of an individual is always pertinent when someone begins this journey. The bodies tolerance, for growth and recovery is only reserved to how much exposure they have had and how much “extra” care they put in maintaining the “vehicle”. So all that said, scaling my not always be the correct answer. Better yet, the term scaling should be taken into better consideration when outline the correct dose response for an individual.

The final synopsis is a little volume is okay as long as you have proper training history and  maintain the moving parts equally. Make sure you divvy your trying practices accordingly. A prescription of equal rest, nutrition, and soft tissue maintenance are requisites. Not to mention mental clarity (meditation, some breathing practices) is a must in order to keep wheels on the bus properly spinning. Without a thought-out progress to your training regimen we would succumb to certain plateaus, injuries, among many things that an often new methodology would be guilty of. It is very easy to blame the gym, coach, and or the clock but ultimately we hold responsibility for our actions good and bad. Let’s make wiser choices and not fear help from others.

JannaFerraroAugust 19, 2016 – Rate of Injury

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