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July 2, 2016 (updated)

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One of the proudest moments of my career was to get my parents in CrossFit.

As New York transplants, they were living mostly sedentary lifestyles and the mere thought of them exercising was but a dream.

These days my a dad is a staple in the 6:00am classes. Although he often says he doesn’t like going fast to keep up with everyone, I know there is a closet competitor there.

My mom on the other hand is more of a recluse and prefers open gym time. You often catch her ROMwoding in the corner or performing her signature goblet squat. “It helps me with my bad knees,” she says.

They say fitness is contagious and nothing is more gratifying than knowing you’ve affected the ones closest to you.

JannaFerraroJuly 2, 2016 (updated)

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