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May 10, 2016

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It is often said that there is requisite strength to perform certain high skill movements in CrossFit, but at times fast forwarding a progression builds courage on skill that would normally feel unattainable.

Here we have Janna, she already has the 3 chest to bars requisite but had frequently mentioned the the support position on the top bar at that height was questionable. But after a few attempts we were able to surpass that fear and then “Voila”!  Keep eye out for her next video when she gets this minus the band.

2016-05-10 from Ace on Vimeo.

JannaFerraroMay 10, 2016

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June 8, 2016

A. RX establish a heavy complex: Press/Push Press/Split Jerk – SC establish a heavy complex: Press/Push Press/Push Jerk B. Skill Muscle up 1. Support negatives 6×2 2. 8-10 x3 banded transitions 3. 10-12 x3 kipping dip C. RX 10 min AMRAP 15 power snatches 30 double unders SC 12 min AMRAP 15 power snatches 50 m sprint