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May 5, 2016 – Coach Ace on Metabolic Conditioning

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I’m having a bit of a nostalgic moment now as I remember the glory days of CrossFit, when gymnastic and body weight movements were king and the only mention of weights were but a whisper. Oh, how the times have changed. The slightest mention of running and everyone scurries off into the corner like mice. The thought of this concerns me. Not that I’m an avid runner; quite the contrary. But this is a foundational component in hierarchy of our definition of fitness.


Metabolic conditioning. (No, I’m not talking about barbell cycling.) This is a God given function we completely ignore. I’ve watched my boy transform from baby to a toddler and the moment he was able to get on his feet he was off and running. I envy his carefree spirit. He stumbles around and at times falls on his face, but he gets right back up.The pure excitement of being able to propel yourself forward through space without a care is nearly extinct in our age group.

I hope as adults we are able to reclaim that excitement before its to late. It’s very easy to get caught up in movements we are good at, but let’s not forget that in an effort to develop work capacity across broad time and modal domains we have to train what we suck at. Not to mention how applicable is “not running out of breath” when running useful in our everyday life?

Thanks Levi for giving me perspective yet once again.

Run more often and you can eat like this!


But why can’t we look like this when we run?


JannaFerraroMay 5, 2016 – Coach Ace on Metabolic Conditioning