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November 28, 2016

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In the new world order of functional fitness, a “one size fits all” model has thrived above all the rest. Like most new programs during their infancy, many have pros and cons. The distinction lies within the clients commitment to longevity and progress rather than a feeling of accomplishment or doing “something” and continuing about their routine. As we already know, routine is the enemy. To continue on this path would be an eventual recipe for injury and settling for sub-par training results. But let us not confuse the facts, which are that any activity off the couch would be better than nothing. But if you are looking to maintain balanced fitness straight through your twilight years, a individualized program maybe something to consider. At times individuals would need that extra specialization to create imbalances that life has thrown their way. 

Others may have reached plateaus which restrict any further progress due to an oversight in programming. 

Either way, we offer both, and have seen countless success with all types of individuals ranging in age, gender, specificity to progress in their life goals.


JannaFerraroNovember 28, 2016

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