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October 27, 2016

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I often talk about how preparations in the gym help us for real world struggles in our everyday life but never about the psychological aspects. Have you ever noticed that our actions in the gym often mirror how we carry on in our day to day? Do we work hard? Are we committed to a process? Do we push hard through adversity, nine out of ten   times, if we don’t, these will be exposed in our performance at the gym, with the results we are looking to acquire? Are you okay with that, just going through the motions, walking through your 9-5 begrudgingly and hoping for the day to end. Are you hoping to just survive the workout and then pat yourself back when you do?I know I don’t want that for you.

Maybe it’s time to be honest with your assessment of what you want. Are you built this way? If not, can I make the adjustments to achieve my desired success? This honesty will carry us further than setting ourselves up for unrealistic goals. Through the effort within these four walls, we build character that will last us a lifetime.

JannaFerraroOctober 27, 2016

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