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September 13, 2016

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As the summer winds down to end, we come to realize the new season’s beginning. Now but a distant memory of the long summer days and extended amounts of play, what we are now left with is a few extra lbs of indulgence and a blurry sense of direction as to where our training will lead us next. Difficult to say when the nights are a little bit cooler and football season is upon us. It’s time to re-calibrate our habits.

We begin first by setting our goals. Think back to when you first started and mentioned to me what your priority is and how you want to go about and achieving that. It need not be far-fetched or distant.

“Hey coach, I heard a few cool things about that Rock and Roll half marathon in Vegas, you think I can do that?”

“Absolutely! Remember that time you told me you wanted that pull up and worked day-in and day-out for it, then eventually got it?”

“Yea, for sure.”

So let’s gets started. First, you need to start prioritizing this into your schedule again.  When you begin that, we take the next phase by being present and maximizing your potential.  Let’s clean up what we put in our mouths and start respecting our bodies rather than living for the moment. We all know the outcomes of impulsive decisions and its consequences.  And yea, don’t short yourself on your potential we already know what your capable of. I look forward to this upcoming season.

Coach A

JannaFerraroSeptember 13, 2016

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