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September 21, 2016

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The flu season is upon us and if you haven’t fallen victim to it, be aware that it’s just around the corner and get yourself better prepared. Go to your doctor and get that annual flu shot so it doesn’t hit you later on in the season.  Be mindful of your diet and start eating foods which are nutrient dense that help boost your immune system. Here are my top five.

1 Peppers. Today I threw in a ton of bell peppers to morning potato hash and for lunch I will have chicken skewers with a ton of bell peppers in it.

2 Garlic. Have that readily available for you next dish. It’s a natural anti-viral (Google it). Yeah it gives you some hot breath and keeps people at a good distance, hopefully the ones that are already sick.

3 Broccoli. Rich in Vitamin C and is my go green that compliments pretty much every protein I eat.

4 Spinach. It worked for Popeye. Nuff said.

5 Oranges. If you hate peeling them like I do just have a glass of OJ and make sure you add some water to reduce the sweetness. You blood sugar will thank you. Besides who does like OJ? That’s just un-American.

JannaFerraroSeptember 21, 2016